June 18, 2017


              The Flowers on the Altar are Given to the Glory of God


Our Nursery for baby and toddler care is provided during our worship service each Sunday at 10 am; an usher will guide you. “Sound Mate” personal listening devices are available from our ushers. If you have difficulty hearing in the sanctuary, these devices will help you. Ask an usher to assist you.



9:30 am Worship & Sunday School

10:30 am Fellowship – Quimby Hall

11 am Make a Joyful Noise – Chapel

11 am Cornerstone Worship and Sunday School



6-19  Monday


6:30 pm Chess – LD



6-20  Tuesday  

4 pm Act – QH

6:30 pm Coda – Chapel -Little Dining Room


8 pm Evening Dialogue


6-21    Wednesday


7 pm Meditation – Hardenbergh Lounge

 7:15 pm AA Mtg. – Quimby Hall



6-22  Thursday 

9 am Coop – QH

7:30 pm Choir

7:30 pm G&S – Quimby Hall



6-23     Friday  

9 am Coop – QH

7:30 pm  AA – East Room

7 pm CS – Board Room & Quimby Hall


6-24 Saturday


10:30 am – AA  – Hardenbergh Lounge





Will you take a stand against  hunger? Your support makes all the difference.  Please deposit non-perishable food in the baskets outside the office and in the East Room.   Thank you.